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Spreedbox Spreed.ME Secure WebRTC for ownCloud 8.1/8.2 available

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STRUKTUR AG: Dr. Dirk Farin, lead developer of libde265 HEVC/H.26...

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struktur AG / Spreed provides new features for Vodafone Conferenc...

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struktur AG / Spreed Online Meeting Released libde265 - An Open I...

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What we offer

Spreedbox: The most private video chat and file exchange

The Spreedbox is your private video conferencing and file sharing server that puts the control of your data into your own hands.

Interested? More information on the Spreebox website or on Kickstarter.

Spreed.ME Private Video Chat

We completely rethought how to meet, collaborate and train through the Internet. Faster, easier, and more secure. Spreed.ME is redefining conferencing and day-long training and collaboration with refreshingly easy usage and an exceptionally clear sound.

We combined the convenience and security of modern, cutting-edge technologies to fulfill the most demanding conferencing and online training requirements known today. The result is a straightforward use and a seamless mobile experience with unparalleled multidimensional sound and crisp-sharp video and screen sharing quality.

Spreed.ME is your personal online presence and virtual classroom. It is complete with content library, document sharing and P2P file sharing. Start your presence or training with a blink: simply select the contacts you want to include.

Spreed.ME makes it easy to securely meet, collaborate and train. Anywhere.
Get your Spreed Name now on https://spreed.me.

Spreed Unified Conferencing

Unified Conferencing. Any Time and Any Where. With Spreed, web meetings and telephone conferences are held just as traditional meetings normally are. Invite participants, hold presentations, explain concepts, distribute documents, or simply meet colleagues online.

We offer branded Spreed Unified Conferencing Systems to power your web meeting and conferencing service. Learn more on Spreed Unified Conferencing Systems (UCS)

Spreed has been offering a free professional web meeting service since the end of 2004 as one of the first companies worldwide. Additionally, many companies have been benefiting from reliable and scalable Spreed web meeting services, serving more than 150,000 satisfied Spreed users.

Benefit from Spreed Web 2.0 Meetings and Conferences! Whether you want to hold a quick project meeting, train and present online, or support customers, you can do it all-simply and cost-effectively with Spreed. With no up-front costs, no servers to maintain, and no software to install or support. With just a web browser you can start using Spreed today.

Join the fast growing Spreed community for free today! www.spreed.com

Electronic Forms Management & Processing and Digital Signatures

Find detailed information about icoya eForms for managing electronic and printed forms as well as legally valid signatures on our icoya product portal: icoya eForms

More information about the icoya Signature Server for legal, qualified, digital signing of documents and forms is available on the icoya portal: icoya EDI Signature Server.

Further information about icoya Content & Collaboration Management solutions for content and document management and web-based collaboration on icoya.com.

Financial Planning Software (FPS)

struktur Financial Planning Software is a comprehensive suite of financial applications. The software is available for customers and for financial advisors as web-based applications and client installations offline.

Learn more about it on our FPS portal.

icoya OpenContent Open Source Content Management

icoya OpenContent is available as General Public Licence (GPL) software. icoya OpenContent is the comprehensive solution for the creation and maintenance of large intranets and web-sites.

icoya OpenContent allows the easy creation of complex internet presences and corporate intranets within a matter of minutes and this without any programming skills. Complicated navigational structures, like links, overviews, or menus are generated automatically. Publishing content with or without time-constrained publishing scenarios is possible as well as offering personalized web pages and secure areas.

Key features include:

  • browser-based WYSIWYG-Editor
  • integrated media management for pictures and multimedia files
  • time-constrained publishing of content and documents
  • automatic generation of menus, document lists, and sitemap
  • team-based workflow with automatic notifications, acquiring, and releasing resources
  • user-management with rights allocation and roles
  • one-click installation for web server and database
  • extensively scalable
icoya OpenContent is the intranet and web information manegement system for:
  • enterprises
  • public authorities
  • web design agencies
  • freelancers
For more information about icoya OpenContent please review our product site on http://www.icoya.de/produkt/ccm/opencontent

The ready-to-go Linux and Windows versions of icoya OpenContent 2.5.6 are available for download on our server http://dl.struktur.de/ioc256 .